Grassology 3 lbs

Grassology 3 lbs

Product Description

Grassology - gives you a gorgeous lawn that's virtually maintenance-free. Unlike regular grass that requires constant water and fertilizer, Grassology grows roots that are four times deeper than ordinary grass to find their own water and nutrients instead of depending on you for constant watering and feeding! And, Grassology slowly grows to a dwarf height so there's less mowing, guaranteed! You can use it to fix bad spots, or you can sprinkle it over your entire lawn. And before you know it, you'll have barefoot soft grass that naturally resists disease, resists insects, and even resists weeds! With Grassology, you save time and money because there's no more high watering bills, no more weekly mowing, no more ongoing fertilizing and no more weeding!

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One Star, October 15, 2014
product not recommended does not work

Waste of Money, October 13, 2014
Didn't work at all! Waste of Money, time, water

Five Stars, October 11, 2014
It grew in two weeks and is great.

Two Stars, October 11, 2014
Didnt grow in my yard

Doesn't sprout, no grass would grow!, October 9, 2014
This is the worst product ever! My husband put this out around the areas that we needed some grass grown since some of our grass needed to be replaced as we moved some of our garden boxes. We did as instructed & we never saw any grass grow at all! I was so excited since I saw the TV spots with Bob Villa! I thought if he endorsed it, this must be a good seed! I was really excited about the way it was supposed to have long roots so we didn't need to water as much, but unfortunately we never could see if the claims were true as we never had any grass sprout up! We finally had to go buy grass so we wasted our money!

One Star, October 7, 2014
After reading the reviews, I AM NOT TRYING GRASSOLOGY! Thank you for all of your feedback.

Five Stars, October 7, 2014
thankyou i.m happy

One Star, October 3, 2014

lawn is miraculously better this year on the places I put the side, September 29, 2014
lawn is miraculously better this year on the places I put the side. I am going to have to order way much more next year to cover the whole area. works great.

Five Stars, September 26, 2014
It grew grass as advertised.